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FCST080614 SM & MM Multi-fonction OTDR

  • SM & MM.
  • Fonction VFL, OPM, OLS intégrée.
  • Fonction de test automatique et manuel.
  • Écran tactile et fonctionnement du clavier.
  • Détection automatique du signal d'éclairage de communication.
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  • FCST080614

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  • FCST080614

Product Overview

FCST080614 series optical time domain reflectometer is a new generation of portable and intelligent measuring instrument designed by FCST communication technology for testing optical fiber communication system .Adopt 5.8 inch color touch screen,button/touch dual operation,integration of eight major functional modules,multi-functional integration to help customers effectively solve the field test and maintenance.The highest 45dB dynamic range,can penetrate optical splitter,effective PON network testing;Intelligent power saving management,20 hours long standby,efficient protection of test dimension continuous.The design concept of multi-functional integration,precision testing and convenient operation makes the field test operation simple.

Product Advantages

Automatic & manual test function;

Touch screen and keyboard operation;

Built-in visible fault locator (VFL) function;

Support Bellcore GR196 and SR-4731 file format;

Advanced antireflection LCD, clear display interface in field;

Automatic detection of the communication light signal;

1.6m ultra-short event dead zone, easy to test optical fiber jumper;

WinCE window operation system, Chinese/ English operation interface;

Intelligent indication of battery capacity, alarm when the battery is running out;

The most advanced technology of double color & material integrative mould, strong and firm;

The OTDR optical output connectors are exchangeable, so it is more convenient to clean the end surface;

Large capacity lithium battery to support over 10 hours of operation, suitable for long-time filed work;

Two USB interfaces: can connect to the external U disk, or communicate with PC through SyncActive software;

Product Specifications



Product Name

FCST080614 SMMM Multi-Function OTDR




5.6 inch color LCD with touch screen



Max.Dynamic Range


Event dead zone


Attenuation Dead Zone


Distance range


Measuring Pulse Width


Ranging Accuracy

±(0.75m+Sampling interval+0.005%×Test distance)

Loss Precision


Reflection Accuracy


Data Storage

2000 times

Interface Type

FC/PC(Replaceable SCST)

Communication Interface

USB mini-USB 10M/100M Ethernet

VFL Output


LS Output




Power Supply mode

AC/DC AdapterAC100v~240V 50/60Hz 0.6ALithium battery7.4V 6700mAh

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


Relative Humidity

0~95Non condensation





Product Structure

FCST080614详情页专用图 (9)

Product Applications

It is mainly used to measure the length.Loss and connection quality of all kinds of optical fibers and cables,and can be widely used in engineering construction,line maintenance and testing ,emergency repair,and the development and production of optical fibers and cables.

Packing Information

FCST080614 SM&MM Multi-Function OTDR_03

Parts List

FCST080614 SM&MM Multi-Function OTDR_04

Product Advantages

        Name and function of parts(Front Panel、Top Panel、Bottom Panel)

FCST080614详情页专用图 (2)

        Display(Instrument main interface)

FCST080614详情页专用图 (3)

        5.7-inch color touch screen. The touch key + key double operation mode, borrowed from the tablet design, is fast and convenient.

FCST080614详情页专用图 (1)

        Designed to provide efficiency. Integrate OTDR/light source/optical power meter, VFL multi-function in one, stable light source function 1310/1550nm, optical power meter test function, VFL.

FCST080614详情页专用图 (10)

        With abundant external interfaces. Remote control can be realized through the Ethernet connector, and data communication between external U disk, printer and PC can also be realized through two unused USD interfaces. It supports batch processing of files, can print four documents at a time, and supports PDF format printing.

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        FCST080612 OTDR is a high-performance, multi-function test instrument designed by FCST for FTTx networks. It has excellent test performance and can support various test modules such as VFL, OPM, and fiber optic microscope (FIP). This product is mainly used to measure the length, transmission loss, connector loss and other physical properties of optical fibers, and is widely used in FTTH networks, local area optical networks, metropolitan area optical networks, PON network construction, deployment, maintenance, certification, and optical communication teaching And scientific research.

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