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7 mm 8 mm 10 mm 12 mm Connecteur d'arrêt d'extrémité micro-conduit en plastique HDPE HDPE

  • Crystal clear transparent body. 
  • Easy “push-in” installation. 
  • Rugged design for direct buried and above ground use. 
  • Locking rings to prevent accidental removal of connector. 
  • For 3 to 20 mm microducts.
État de disponibilité:
  • Connecteur d'arrêt de fin de conduit

  • FCST

  • Micro Duct End Stop Connector

Product Overview

These connectors were developed to connect microducts with each other.Our system enables an easy, fast connection and disconnection of the microduct. The connectors’ robust construction resistance to high pressure forces,allowing them to be used in direct buried (DB) applications. The transparent body enables easy visual inspection of the cable with in the connector.

Product Advantages

No metal parts.

Crystal clear transparent body.

Easy “push-in” installation.

Rugged design for direct buried and above ground use.

Locking rings to prevent accidental removal of connector.

Product Specifications



Tube To Connector

Polyethylene HDPE


Air with blowing system

Working Pressure

20 bar

MAX. Pressure

28 bar

Userful Life

25 years

Tube Assembly

No tooling required

Water Ingress Test

0.5 bar during 168 hours

Working Temperature


Transport And Storage Temperature


Installation Temperature


Recommended Blowing Temperature


Outdoor Exposure Limit @Cetral Europe

12 months

Protection Class


High Pressure Resistance(safety)


According To Standards

CEI EN 50411-2-8,EN 50411-2-5

Related Documents


Related Documents

ISO 3601,ISO 4397:1993(2000),ISO4399:1995

Product Size

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Accessories Optional

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Packing Information

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Product Advantages

End Stop Connector (7)

    The connector shell is made of PC material, which can prevent corrosion when installed underground. Transparent shell, you can clearly see the connection effect.

End Stop Connector (12)

    IP68 waterproof rating, the maximum pressure is up to 28bar. It has a protective effect on idle pipelines and prevents flowing water from affecting the pipelines.

End Stop Connector (8)    Matching and install the lock clip to prevent falling off due to high pressure gas during the blowing process. Ergonomic design, easy installation and disassembly operation.

End Stop Connector (9)

Product Application

End Stop Connector (2)



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